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Cumbria Roofing North West Ltd is a family business, based in West Cumbria, servicing the whole of Cumbria with all types of roofing works.

A Historic town, first settled by the Romans, is the county’s capital for industry, shopping and Local Government administration. We have a dedicated crew covering the area for all roofing repairs in Carlisle including tiling, slating and chimney work.

Located in the north of Cumbria, off the M6 motorway, Carlisle is packed with old and new housing, industrial sites and its instantly recognisable Citadel. It has a well-known shopping centre; The Lanes, and attracts tourists who visit Carlisle Cathedral and Tullie House museum.

We have a hard-earned reputation for superb quality workmanship across the area, which includes Brampton, Longtown, Dalston, Scotby and Wetheral. Our teams are experts in a range of techniques such as flat roofing, all lead works, all roof line works, liquid plastic roofing and built-up felt roofing. We regularly fit Velux roof lights and sheeting and wall cladding.

The demand for green energy technologies in growing continually and we now specialise in fitting solar panels, solar heating and solar roofing.

Over the years, Cumbria Roofing North West Ltd has carried out work for thousands of customers all over Cumbria. Cumbria Roofing North West Ltd is an approved contractor for many local businesses, firms of architects and surveyors. We are a member of Construction Line, the government backed vetting agency and a member of the NFRC.

Our mission is to:

  • Fully satisfy your needs with top quality solutions delivered in a highly professional manner;
  • Gain your trust and confidence by delivering value for money and by completing our work on time;
  • Be the best by continually improving all aspects of our work.

There are a large number of roofers Carlisle wide, both individual contractors as well as larger companies. If you are looking for a Carlisle roofing professional or company it can be confusing and overwhelming looking at the various options available and make a decision. There are a number of different factors to consider; cost, the standard of work, level of professionalism and customer service. You can only work on what the roofer tells you, so how can you decide which one to use?

If you are worried about cost, make sure you describe in detail the work that needs carrying out and get a quote from a number of different people and companies. When you ask for a quote, make sure that you get it in writing and try and make sure that they give you an itemised list of the work that will be carried out for the money. Always check whether the cost includes VAT and ensure they agree to inform you of potential additional costs and not just go ahead with any work they deem necessary. By having all of this in writing, you have a reference point if there are any future payment disputes.

When looking at companies for roofing in Carlisle, the standard of work is just as, if not more, important as costs. You want value for money in that the work that they do will last a reasonable period of time and will not need more work in the near future. Ask around for recommendations and look at their professional qualifications and previous work to get an idea of what sort of work they can do.

The level of professionalism you receive will be apparent in how they present themselves. You can look at the standard of their website, how their sales collateral like leaflets and business cards look, and even down to how they turn up. You would expect them to be in a marked van and have professional equipment. Beware of three wheeler vans!

Customer service is equally important and from the very first point of contact whether it’s an email or a phone call you will get an immediate impression. Trust your own judgement and don’t be afraid to turn people down if you’re not convinced they will do a good job.

For a complete domestic roofing service from specification to completion, on your own property please contact us!

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