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Roofing Services in Seascale

Cumbria Roofing North West Ltd is a family business, based in West Cumbria, servicing the whole of Cumbria with all types of roofing works.

Seascale is often overshadowed by its two neighbours. To the south is its smaller neighbour, Drigg. To the north is its noisy neighbour, Sellafield. Though in the throes of decommissioning, Sellafield nuclear power station remains a major employer to this day. As Sellafield Ltd, the company was created to commence its decommissioning process and the subsequent clean up operation.

With the spectre of Windscale and Calder Hall in its background, Seascale is a well-appointed coastal village. When Calder Hall nuclear power station opened in 1956 (almost a decade after Windscale opened), it became a popular dormitory village for its employees. So much so it earned the reputation as being ‘Britain’s brainiest village’. Six decades on, Cumbria Roofing is the smartest choice for Seascale residents.

Why might the area, once dubbed as Britain’s brainiest village, consider Cumbria Roofing? The answer to this is obvious. We are a family-run company situated in Whitehaven, half an hour by road or rail from Seascale. Our roofing works have won us plaudits due to the quality of our work. Not only in Cumbria and Dumfriesshire but also other parts of the UK. It is a unique combination of high-quality work, the stability of being a family-run company, and excellent local knowledge.

Heritage roofing is our speciality, though not the only kind of roofing works we carry out. Other areas include liquid plastic roofing, built up felt roofing and Velux roof lights. With concerns about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint in the minds of many households, solar energy is another area of expertise. We at Cumbria Roofing can install solar roofing, solar PV systems, and heating.

For several years, we have carried out work for thousands of customers all over Cumbria from Seascale to Appleby-in-Westmorland and Aspatria. Cumbria Roofing North West Ltd is an approved contractor for many local businesses, firms of architects and surveyors. We are a member of Construction Line, the government backed vetting agency, and a member of the NFRC.

Our mission is to:

  • Deliver top quality solutions delivered in a highly professional manner;
  • Gain your trust and confidence by delivering value for money and by completing our work on time;
  • Be the best by continually improving all aspects of our work – and exceed your expectations.

For a complete domestic roofing service from specification to completion on your own property, our business premises, why not give us a call today? We shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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