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Combination Roof image by George Sheldon (via Shutterstock).

Combination Roof: Know Your Roof Types

15th June 2017 0 0

A look at how the combination roof offers you two roofs for the price of one Strictly speaking, it is possible to claim that any structure with more than one roofing type has a combination roof. A hip and valley could be seen as one; a gable and shed roof, likewise; a lean-to and skillion…

The Vyne house and Lake. Image by Simon Q (Creative Commons License: Attribution - Share Alike)

The Vyne’s Restoration Work and a 360° View

6th June 2017 0 0

How a raised walkway is offering visitors a unique view of The Vyne’s slate roof Just outside Basingstoke in Sherborne St. John is The Vyne house. It is a stately Tudor home which was built for Lord Sandys, King Henry VIII’s Lord Chamberlain. It is noted for its red bricks, and its slate roof. Since…

Fremantle Town Hall image by Sean Lean (via Shutterstock).

Fremantle Town Hall Restoration Sees New Slate Roof

26th May 2017 0 0

New slate roof is the key to town hall restoration Thanks to a team of slate roofers, stonemasons, lead workers and plasterers, Fremantle town hall has been restored to its former glory. Opening in 1887, the Victorian era building has seen the addition of a new slate roof. Exterior paint, dating from the 1960s, has…

Modern skillion roofs.

Lean-To Roofs: Know Your Roof Types

18th May 2017 0 0

Why lean-to roofs are a popular roofing type A lean-to roof is one of the most popular kinds of roofing types. In skillion form, it can be two shed roofs. One is usually taller than the other. The lesser of the two lean-to roofs may be a smaller structure. For example, the smaller one may…

Wemyss Bay Ferry Terminal. Image by David Falconer (via Shutterstock).

Slate Roof Key to Wemyss Bay Pier Restoration

10th May 2017 0 0

‘It Was The Slate Roof What Won It’ for the pier’s 2017 RICS Scotland Award An iconic pier on the banks of the River Clyde has won the 2017 RICS Scotland Award for Best Infrastructure Project. The Wemyss Bay pier walkway was singled out for the award on the 27 April at the Sheraton Hotel…

Tumble dryer image by S-TS (via Shutterstock).

Roofer Finishes London Marathon with a Tumble Dryer

2nd May 2017 0 3

How a Newmarket roofer broke the World Record for running a marathon whilst carrying a tumble dryer It is not often you see a picture of a tumble dryer on a roofing website, but there’s a good reason for this. The London Marathon, besides being a popular event for distance runners is noted for its…

British Slate Roof image by StockSolutions (via Shutterstock).

Some British Slate Types in Brief

21st April 2017 0 3

Some swot notes on a selection of British slate varieties We at Cumbria Roofing are familiar with the different kinds of British slate types, and imported ones too. When you leave your house, take a train, go for a walk or nip to the shops, the last thing you think is “that’s a nice bit…

Hip roofs image by Inna Harlamoff (via Shutterstock).

Hip Roofs: Know Your Roof Types

20th April 2017 0 3

A beginners’ guide to hip roofs Let’s get this straight: hip roofs have nothing to…

Roofing illustration by Anuta Berg (via Shutterstock).

NFRC’s Post-Brexit Roofing Plan

7th April 2017 0 3

The NFRC’s 2019 vision: a four-year Workforce Development Strategy for roofing contractors after Brexit takes shape With restrictions on free movement, post-Brexit Britain could be a barrier to recruitment in the roofing industry. The price of raw materials could rise and finding roofers could be harder. In a bid to improve the attractiveness of the…

Wythenshawe Hall image by Peter Etchells (via Shutterstock).

Wythenshawe Hall Restoration Works Begin

5th April 2017 0 3

Conlon Construction to begin restoration of the recently fire damaged Wythenshawe Hall Over a year ago, one of Greater Manchester’s most historic houses would have been gone forever without the actions of 50 firefighters. Wythenshawe Hall, a 16th century timber-framed house in Wythenshawe Park, was the subject of an arson attack in March 2016. The…


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