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What Is a Heritage Listed Building?

21st November 2017 0 0

A listed building is a building that has been placed on one of the four national lists of historic buildings in the UK. There are separate lists of buildings in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England, and together they contain over 40, 000 different buildings of great historical interested. In Northern Ireland, the term ‘protected…

Does a New Roof Add Value to Your House?

13th November 2017 0 0

A house is an investment, and thus any upkeep you make will increase its value. Many people who have not yet finished paying off their mortgage may be wary of making adjustments or improvements and only concentrate on finishing paying off their mortgages. However, this is not an entirely wise move, since decisions such as…

Roofing Regulations: New Roofing Rules

7th November 2017 0 0

In 2015 new roofing regulations were put into place. It was a massive change for…

Roof Repairs Tiled Roof

Roof Repair Vs Roof Replacement: Which is needed?

23rd October 2017 0 0

Deciding between repairing and replacing your roof is not a hard task. The decision is…

roof repairs

5 Causes of Roof Damage on Heritage Listed Buildings

3rd October 2017 0 0

Damage to heritage roofs can be a major problem for owners of listed buildings and…

slate roofing

Satellite Imagery and Roof Repairs

4th September 2017 0 0

How Roofr, a Canadian company is using satellite imagery for roof repairs Half of the job in fitting a new roof, or starting roof repairs, is taking down the measurements. Once we’ve taken the measurements of your roof, we at Cumbria Roofing can offer you a suitable no-obligation quote for our expert roofing services. Over…

Flat roofs image by Ganzaless

Roofing Types Top Trumps: Flat Roofs

23rd August 2017 0 0

Another look at roofing types, this time with flat roofs our first of many in the pack In the last two years, we have had loco hauled trains along the Cumbrian Coast line from Barrow to Carlisle. It is a most picturesque line. The Class 37 diesels and air conditioned carriages are a step above…

This is Elon Musk, he wants you to buy his Tesla roof. Image by Phil Stafford (via Shutterstock).

Want a Tesla Roof? £14.72 Per Square Foot

8th August 2017 0 0

First Tesla roof installations now taking place The wait is over. If you have been looking for a new roof or solar panels for your home, Elon Musk’s Tesla roof is available for sale. His state of the art solar roof was first announced in October of last year. It aims to change the way…

Hipped pyramid roof by Zern Liew (via Shutterstock).

Hipped Pyramid: Know Your Roof Types

17th July 2017 0 0

Cumbria Roofing looks at roofs of the hipped pyramid variety The hipped pyramid roof could be seen as a four way hipped roof, only that all four hips meet at a central point. Typically, the roof itself is atop a square base and owe a debt to the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Sometimes they form…

Gorton Monastery Slate Roofing image by Alastair Wallace (via Shutterstock).

Welsh Slate Roofing for Gorton Monastery Extension

6th July 2017 0 0

Slate roofing forms centrepiece of new addition to Gorton Monastery For many years, the Gorton…


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