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What Constitutes a Heritage Building?

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Heritage building refers to a building with significant historical, architectural, aesthetic or cultural values. For any building to be declared a heritage structure, it must be recognised by building authorities such as the Heritage Estate Conservation Committee or any other building planning authority body.

What Factors Make a Building to Be Considered a Heritage?

  • The History of the Building – Such History includes the occupants, what was their work, events and the historical relevance. When it comes to the occupants, there needs to be a fascinating history of them. For instance, they must have been either famous or possessed unusual characters or powers. The events that happen in such a building, whether good or bad must have had a significant impact on the society.
  • Building Architecture – Typically, majority buildings constructed in the 19th century and before, which uniquely stands out, qualify to be considered heritage buildings. They were built and crafted in a unique architecture that remains admirable up to date. The designers of the buildings also promote the heritage. Some of the buildings constructed by people who either inhabited or visited the UK at one time may remain as heritage. The materials used and the styles applied also promote the acceptance of the heritage nature.
  • The Integrity of the Building – Those considered as heritage need not have any changes made to the initial designs and styles as well as materials. However, the heritage roofing can be reconstructed by reputable roofing companies like the Cumbria Roofing for the preservation and safety purposes.
  • The Environment Relevance of the Building – If a building is uniquely built and has no close comparison, then it may even serve as a landmark to the surrounding area. Such feature can promote it as a heritage building.

Maintenance of Heritage Building

The conservation of this building is necessary for it to remain as a heritage conserved structure. Normally, conservation includes preserving the good state of the building as well as restoring any components that may have gone astray. Despite the state of the building, the roofing is mostly affected by the ageing of the structure. Therefore, any heritage building will require the Cumbria Roofing services, which deal with heritage roofing. Usually, people will even be scared to visit houses with old roofing since they look like a potential accident site. With the right roofing materials and services, there is much surety and confidence that roofing will last for many decades after restoration.

Cumbria Roofing installs new roofing in a simplified but safe process.

  • The company will make an observation and survey of the existing old roof as well as the building itself
  • Determine the materials and technicality to be used
  • Start the roofing work

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