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How Dangerous Is The Job Of A Roofer?

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Dangers of roofing

For home improvement, some tasks should be reserved for professional roofers who understand safety measures while on the job. Roofing is one of those tasks that require experience and skills to navigate the daunting process of repairing areas on the roof that need attention. Many people are made to believe they can do DIY repairs on their homes without knowing this is something that could see them sustain injuries. To help you understand why roofers work in a risky environment, here are some of the things that are likely to happen that could lead to fatalities.

Always at risk of falling

While up on the roof, you are at a very high risk of falling. This is even worse when it is raining and the surface is slippery. Most roofs have a sharp incline and lack of grip could lead to you falling and possibly sustaining serious injuries. Roofing has been categorised as one of the most dangerous jobs and it is reported that 34% of falling cases end up with fatalities.

Most definitely, while roofing you will be using a lot of equipment up there and mishandling any of them could lead to a serious accident. You cannot predict what will happen and sometimes there are areas of the roof that are not strong enough, so you also run the risk of tripping and getting injuries from cuts.

Bad judgment

Experienced roofers are able to judge height well and will be careful when installing parts or doing the repair. However, someone who is not skilled enough might fall for the error of perception that could see them lose balance and fall. There is also the danger of suddenly getting afraid of height, which could also lead to one losing balance. In every 100,000 workers, there are 32 fatalities and all these occur as a result of falling from high up the roof.

How to manage risk

Roofing work does not come cheap and even where you are making minor changes, you will still need to work with experienced professionals. Don’t assume you can do some DIY to repair a few of the places you feel can be done with minimal assistance. Get someone who is skilled on the job to do it for you. Many of the fatalities reported in roofing are from people who are less experienced, and this tells that you cannot claim to have the skills to perform some tasks on your roof unless this is what you specialise in.

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