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What Will Future Roofing Look Like?

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Future of Roofing

The Future Of Roofing – What Will It Look Like?

Ever since the days of prehistory, mankind has been creating buildings. But that doesn’t mean the days of innovation are over. In the years to come, materials and methods used in their construction and maintenance will change dramatically – and roofs are no exception to that. Therefore, we should take a look at just what the future has in store for us.

Green Roofs

Green roofs already exist, of course but, as techniques develop, there’s no doubt they’ll become ever more common. A green roof is created by attaching a waterproof membrane atop a property then adding a layer of vegetation, effectively turning your roof into a garden. Such roofs can be added to any size of building and the method can be used on existing properties as well as new ones, creating much-needed habitat for birds, butterflies and bugs. But green roofs don’t only look pretty. Thanks to their insulating properties, they can save you money on heating in winter and air-conditioning in summer.

Solar Roofs

Solar panels are increasingly commonplace but what about solar paint? Solar paint is a paste that incorporates semi-conducting crystals which convert sunlight into electricity. Right now, they aren’t as efficient as solar panels but there’s little doubt that, in the future, this paint will be increasingly practical. In fact, it’s possible that the entire exterior surface of a building could be covered in such a paint, in order to collect maximum possible energy from the sun.

Alternatively, rather than solar panels being added to a roof, it’s possible the roof itself could be the solar panel. Currently, solar panels are too fragile to construct a roof from but work is being done on using more robust materials, such as zinc and copper, to collect the sun’s energy.

EPDM Roofs

When it comes to flat roofs, the future suggests a move away from traditional materials and towards rubber coverings. Some companies are already producing rubber roofing that can be applied to buildings and is so simple to install that it can be done by the home owners themselves. Such rubber can be highly durable and able to withstand a remarkable degree of punishment from the elements.

In Conclusion

The desire to save energy, beautify our surroundings, protect the environment and reduce costs are all forces driving forward the development of materials and, in light of recent developments, we can only guess at what technology will produce in the even further future. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that there are already many fine materials and techniques available to us and you won’t find a better supplier of them than Cumbria Roofing. Contact us for Heritage, Flat and Slate Roofing, secure in the knowledge that, whatever the future throws at your property, you’ll have it covered.

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