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What is Heavy 3 Slate?

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Why Heavy 3 slate is making waves in the construction industry

Heavy 3 slate image JLS24 (via Shutterstock).

Image by JLS24 (via Shutterstock).

Sometimes, being able to find traditional slate from British quarries is easier said than done. Firstly, on any roofing project, the tile variety has to reflect its immediate surroundings. Using the wrong kind of tiling isn’t a good way of getting planning permission, especially in conservation areas. In Scotland, where the procurement of Highland slate is impossible, an alternative variety is being used, from Spain. That of the Heavy 3 slate quarried by Cupa Pizarras.

Cupa Pizarras are no fly-by-night company. They have been quarrying since 1892 and their Heavy 3 slate has been quarried since the late 1950s. Its introduction came at the right time with its thickness and weightiness. The original Highland slate quarries started closing, so Heavy 3 slate became a natural successor.

Heavy 3 slate has a thickness of 7 to 8mm and has a 100-year warranty. Not only is this ideally suited to the Highland weather, it is also well suited to the Cumbrian wind and rain. After more than 20 years use in Scotland, each roof has remained intact.

Cumbria Roofing, 26 June 2017.

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