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Hexagonal Gazebo: Know Your Roof Types

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A beginners’ guide to the hexagonal gazebo roof

Tower Hill pleasure company hexagonal gazebo by McGhiever.

A place of shelter: the hexagonal gazebo at Tower Hill State Gardens, Wisconsin. Image by McGhiever (Creative Commons License – Attribution-Share Alike).

The hexagonal gazebo roof: it is a roof type with an air of flamboyance. It is a roof type that is usually seen at play, or added for decorative effect. This is hardly surprising, as you tend to see hexagonal gazebo roofs on seaside piers, kiosks, and fairground rides. More often than not, you see them in public and private gardens, in temporary as well as permanent forms.

Gazebos are typically free standing structures. They also come in turreted and octagonal forms as well as the more commonplace hexagonal gazebo form.

Permanent Structures

With permanent structures, bandstands tend to use octagonal and hexagonal gazebo roofs. Consistent with gazebos and pavilions, they are either open or semi-open to the elements. On seaside piers, particularly North Pier in Blackpool, this kind of roof is used for shelters and kiosks.

In gardens, they form part of Chinese-style pagodas or summer houses. One example includes the gazebo at The Inn on the Lake, on the banks of Lake Ullswater. This is used for weddings and offers a spectacular setting for live musical performance. The hexagonal gazebo roof was popular with toll houses in the Victorian and Georgian periods.

At home, they offer a decorative touch to your garden. They can be good for entertaining friends and family.

Temporary Structures

Whereas the gazebo at The Inn on the Lake is a permanent structure, many people choose temporary structures for occasional use. For example: as a shelter for weddings, agricultural shows, beer festivals, and pop-up street markets.

The temporary hexagonal gazebo can either be made of polyester or wood, with each part easy to erect and dismantle.

Cumbria Roofing, 28 October 2016.

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