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Historical Roof Restoration: Things To Know

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historical roof restorationIf you own or manage a heritage building with a historic roof, there will most likely come a point in that building’s life span when the roof needs to be restored with Heritage roofing services. This is particularly important to get right if your building is Listed. Here are some key pointers to bear in mind when conducting the restoration of a historic roof.

The correct roofing materials need to be used

Specific types of copper, sheet iron, slate, and tiling (as well as other materials) will need to be sourced and put in place in a way that matches the original roof. It is crucial to preserve the original look of the building, and for this specialised roofing techniques may be required. A knowledge of historical roofing techniques – techniques which may have been used centuries ago but which are no longer used today – tends to be essential for this type of work.

Ascertaining why the roof damage was done in the first place

If your historic roof has suffered some kind of failure, it is of paramount important to discover the underlying cause. This will enable you to prevent any further damage to your roof occurring in the future. For example, if the damage is due to a faulty support system, it is not enough simply to patch up the roof: the joist, wall, or other support system must also be restored otherwise the same problem will simply occur again.

Deciding whether repairing or replacing the roof is more appropriate

Sometimes, the damage done to your roof will be so extensive that a complete roof replacement will be the only viable option. As with the case of repairs to a historic roof, the replacement roof will need to be constructed using historically appropriate materials and techniques. Usually, roofers will attempt to preserve as much of a heritage roof as possible, though, so that the building remains standing as a piece of fascinating, living history for all to enjoy.

You can always trust Cumbria Roofing with your historic roof

Cumbria Roofing provides expert historical roof restoration services. Key types of roofing that we deal with include heritage, slate, and flat roofing. Well aware of how important it is to preserve the aesthetic of a heritage buildings, we always use durable, high quality materials for all of our roof restoration jobs.

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