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Introducing Our New Look Website

5th August 2016 by in category blog tagged as , , , , , , with 0 and 14

How our website received a makeover

New website launch image

We Have Lift Off: here’s to the launch of our new-look website. Image by 3Dsculptor (via Shutterstock).

Cumbria Roofing is pleased to announce the arrival of our new look website. Once again, as with the previous design, we turned to our friends at Net66. We have worked with Net66 since 2010 when we turned to them for SEO services. This is our third website from our fellows in central Manchester. Our first was built in 2013.

Our latest version represents a quantum leap for our site’s aesthetic design. Firstly, it supports responsive web design, which means our site works well on smartphones and tablets. Secondly, the new design is cleaner and gives a good impression of our work. It is a far cry from our very first site in March 2001, when we said our down to earth advice “had no bullshine (well, with words to that effect)”.

Since our very first website was designed by, there are some things that haven’t changed. One is our straightforward down to earth advice. Another is the fact that England hasn’t won the World Cup since 2001. On our early site, it was stated that Cumbria Roofing was formed in 1966, the one and only year when England won the World Cup.

Quoting from the old site, thanks to, we have been “serving the area since 1966 – when we last won the world cup”. This was accompanied with a sad face emoticon to symbolise (with apologies of Frank Skinner and David Baddiel) 35 years of hurt.

Today, our new website has style and substance. It reflects our professionalism and 50 years in the slate roofing trade. Aesthetically, it is more Zlatan Ibrahimovic instead of Ali Dia. Or an E-Type Jaguar instead of an Austin Allegro.

We hope you enjoy our new-look website, so feel free to comment on our site itself. You may do so via the Comments section of this page or our Facebook page. We think it is our finest version to date.

Cumbria Roofing, 05 August 2016

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