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Natural Slate Sponsorship Schemes

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A Neat Trick of the Tile for Community Schemes

Truro Cathedral, and iconic slate roof.

Truro Cathedral and its iconic slate roof. Image by Lee Morriss/Shutterstock.

Natural slate tiles are aesthetically pleasing and add character to our buildings. This isn’t lost on us at Cumbria Roofing, owing to our experience with Cumbrian slate tiles. When repairs are needed, a handful of incongruous tiles stands out like a sore thumb. Making sure everything is right first time around can be expensive in the short term, yet pays long-term dividends.

If repairs fall beyond the reach of non-profit bodies and religious groups, a fundraising campaign is inevitable. We at Cumbria Roofing have learned of two groups who have considered unique approaches.

Natural slate fundraising initiatives

Truro Cathedral, Truro, Cornwall

Truro, Cornwall’s only city, have embarked on a scheme where you can sign or illustrate one of 60,000 new slates for its cathedral. Known as Sign-A-Slate, the aim is to raise funds for the cathedral’s roof. For a fiver, you can sign, illustrate, or mark a notable event on one-sixth of the slate. £25 enables you to do the same for an entire slate. If you fancy the VIP treatment, £250 gets you the full slate, and a reception with friends, family, yourself, and the Dean of Truro Cathedral. Plus drinks.

There are two ways of making your generosity known. You can either call into Truro Cathedral in person (10am to 3pm, Monday to Saturday) or you can download an application form from their website and post it to the cathedral. On natural slate, your message or picture will feature on one of Truro Cathedral’s 60,000 new slates.

New Mills Art Theatre, New Mills, Derbyshire

Of cultural benefit to the people of New Mills, Derbyshire, is the town’s erstwhile theatre on Jodrell Street. It was originally known as the New Mills Empire and Hippodrome after its opening on the 24 June 1911. At present, it is being restored to its Edwardian grandeur, with replacement of its natural slate roofing their latest project. There is two different sizes of natural slate tile in use: 18” x 11” on the front roof and 18” x 9” on the main roof behind its facade.

The need for bespoke tile dimensions adds extra expense to their restoration, so much so that a fundraising campaign has been set up. With 7,000 tiles required, they aim to raise £70,000 to cover the cost of its re-roofing works. A campaign has been set up on the Total Giving website. Theatre Company secretary, Darren Cooper, has set himself a fundraising target of £4,000 by doing this year’s London Marathon. So far, he has raised £3,200.

Work began on the 14 March, which is set to last eight weeks. It is anticipated that re-roofing works will be completed by the 10 June 2016, the date of Showaddywaddy’s concert. You can ‘Donate A Slate’ by donating five of your British pounds for one slate. Why not go mad and have two? Or four?

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Cumbria Roofing, 13 April 2016.

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