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Does a New Roof Add Value to Your House?

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new-roofA house is an investment, and thus any upkeep you make will increase its value. Many people who have not yet finished paying off their mortgage may be wary of making adjustments or improvements and only concentrate on finishing paying off their mortgages. However, this is not an entirely wise move, since decisions such as adding a new roof can greatly add value to your home.

How much value will a new roof add?

Not many people will think of adding new roofing when it comes to home improvements since it is an expensive undertaking. Many may think of adding garages, remodelling bathrooms, installing new decks among others. However, research tends to show that installing a new roof can have a huge impact on your home. It is estimated that a new roof can add to the value of your home anywhere between 15% and 40%.

Add a new roof to enhance its appeal

When new prospective buyers are looking for a home to buy, the roof is one of the most visible component of the house. This means that if the roof does not appeal to them, then they will likely move to the next prospective home. When your home is turning away prospective buyers, you will likely use more money in maintenance costs. In addition, a roof in poor conditions can attract inspectors, which may cost you even more money or your investment than if you had decided to install a new roof. Furthermore, appraisers will appraise a home with a new roof highly as compared with one which requires a lot of repairs.

Improved efficiency of your home

New roofing materials and technology are always being rolled out to improve on the efficiency of your home. This means that you can come across new roofing designs that enhances cooling technology and thus reduces cooling costs. Other roofing ideas may enhance the lighting aspect of your home. Other designs may enhance solar power to further reduce the money you use on energy. All these aspects are very attractive to prospective buyers and thus help in increasing the value of your home.

Add style

The architectural design of a roof can increase the value of your home. This is because people are attracted to unique things and will thus be willing to spend more. Furthermore, having a stylish roofing structure will attract more buyers, and thus increase your chances of selling your home quickly, which helps in avoiding maintenance costs. For further information or advice on roofing services please contact our roofing specialists on 01946 823300 or email

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