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Roof Repair Vs Roof Replacement: Which is needed?

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Deciding between repairing and replacing your roof is not a hard task. The decision is based on the ability to consider minimising the cost of refurbishing your home. In deciding what roof option to go for, you have to factor in a few matters. First, you have to consider if you are dealing with patches or the entire roof. If you are targeting only parts of the roof, assuming that the roof is not vastly damaged, a repair will do.Roof Repairs Tiled Roof

However, if major parts of the roof are damaged, you should opt for total roof replacement. Secondly, you have to factor in the cost of renovation. Based on short-term cost projection, roof repair appears cheaper but may prove costly in the long-term. Both options are cost-involving, and you need to decide wisely on what roof improvement option to go for.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is applicable in cases where small parts of the roof are damaged. The advantages of doing repairs on your roof include:

  • The approach is an economical way of refurbishing your house.
  • Damaged shingles are easily corrected.
  • The repairs do not need expert input and you can actually do it.

However, there are few concerns about this option, and they include:

  • Repairs do not guarantee long-term roof solutions and may prove expensive in the long run.
  • The method may not be effective in extensive roof damage as it may prove expensive.
  • The roof may look unattractive, especially if you are planning to sell the house.

Roof Replacement
Roof replacement applies when the roof is extensively damaged. In such a case, you are expected to remove the entire old roof and do a new installation. The pros of doing this include:

  • The roof looks new and attractive to buyers in case you want to sell the house.
  • The option saves you the long-term cost of doing renovations.
  • To some situation, it’s cheaper to do total roof replacement that partial repairs. This is in cases where the damage is vast.Slate Roof Replacement

Nonetheless, the roofing renovation option suffers a few cons and they include:

  • May appear expensive in short-term projects
  • You need expert contractors to do the replacement.


It is now clear that replacing your roof is cheaper than doing repairs in the long-term. The move is effective in extensive damages and saves you subsequent repair costs. If your roof needs replacing, you can consult a reputable supplier such as Cumbria Roofing. They supply roof options such as flat roofing, heritage roofing, slating, plastic roofing, and waterproof roofs.

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