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Five Roofing Installations from Hell

17th November 2016 by in category blog tagged as , , , , , , , with 0 and 15

A collection of video clips featuring shoddy roofing installations

Roofing Installations from Hell image by Planet5D LLC.

Be careful up there… Poor roofing installations are costly. We recommend doing your homework every time. Image by Planet5D LLC (via Shutterstock).

“Tap tap tap with the hammer, saw saw saw with the saw… give Barney Bodger a call”. Unlike the winsome ditty from mid-1980s children’s programme Tickle on the Tum, dodgy joinery or roofing installations are no laughing matter. In many cases, due diligence is required if you’re looking for a good roofer. Of course, if you’re looking for high quality slate roofing installations in Cumbria, you have found the right site.

Right, that’s enough of the gratuitous plug. Now to focus on our latest blog post.

We at Cumbria Roofing have lost count of the times we have seen, heard, or read about roofing nightmares. Especially on TV programmes like Cowboy Builders on Channel Five.

1. BAD ROOFERS = Bad installation

For our first clip, the most scandalous part of this installation is the state of the shingles.

2. THE WORST Shingle job in History… How not to do a flat roof, a total disaster!!

When you thought the shingles in the previous clip were bad, think again. This is our second clip by Eric Garcia, who seems to have seen more dodgy roofing installations than we have had hot dinners.

3. New Roof Gone Bad

For our third clip, Joe Kenny of Kenny Roofing in Atlanta, Georgia, looks at a troublesome metal roof. On first impressions it looks good, but what lies beneath is a real horror show.

4. Roof restoration Sydney west – gone bad – failure on terracotta roof tiles

For our fourth clip, we look at The Roofing Professionals’ inspection of a terracotta roof. The West Sydney, New South Wales based company are mortified to say the least, with evidence of a poor paint job.

5. Roofing Repairs Go Bad

For our last clip, we go to the newsroom of WXII 12 News. In this clip, we see a family whose roof was left in a worse state than before. After hail damaged their previous roof, a roofing contractor was called. The repairs left the roof in a worse state.

Cumbria Roofing, 17 November 2016.

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