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Roofing Types Top Trumps: Flat Roofs

23rd August 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , with 0 and 2

Another look at roofing types, this time with flat roofs our first of many in the pack

In the last two years, we have had loco hauled trains along the Cumbrian Coast line from Barrow to Carlisle. It is a most picturesque line. The Class 37 diesels and air conditioned carriages are a step above the previous trains we were used to from Barrow to Carlisle via Whitehaven. The carriages have tables and seats, and the seats line up with the windows for once. On a long train journey, tables come into their own for card games. Like Poker, Snap, 52 Card Pick-Up, or Top Trumps.

Our latest in a series of posts are inspired by the Waddingtons and Schmid Top Trumps sets. Typically, they are used for comparing statistics of our favourite footballers. Diesel or electric locomotives. Military vehicles. As for roofing types, about as much chance of getting a train after 8pm from Corkickle. At least that was the case till our latest series.

For our session of Roofing Types Top Trumps, here’s the first card we have drawn out of the pack.

Top Trumps Flat Roof

We hope you have enjoyed the first of our cards. For a fuller description on flat roofing, our previous post in the Know Your Roofing Types series is a worthwhile source.

Cumbria Roofing, 23 August 2017.

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