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Satellite Imagery and Roof Repairs

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How Roofr, a Canadian company is using satellite imagery for roof repairs

Half of the job in fitting a new roof, or starting roof repairs, is taking down the measurements. Once we’ve taken the measurements of your roof, we at Cumbria Roofing can offer you a suitable no-obligation quote for our expert roofing services. Over in Canada, Richard Nelson’s team at Roofr has created the Roofr application. This enables you to get a quick quote, thanks to the wonders of satellite imagery.

Roofr will use Google Maps’ API to check defects, measure the roof’s area, and its pitch. It has been designed for metal, slate, and cedar roofs. The software package has gained a foothold in Canada. Roofr has now set their sights on the USA, though there are no plans as yet for a UK launch.

How Roofr Works

Roofr, as the clip implies, aims to take the heat out of finding a suitable quote. Here’s how it works:

For roof repairs, a suitable quote can be given to you in seconds. Which is a bit like the Google Flights tool, where you can find an Economy Class return from Manchester Airport to Dublin in no time at all. In a simplified way, this diagram explains how Roofr works (though this may differ from the actual software package).

Roofr Reconstruction roof repairs quote.

Via Roofr’s software, the area of a given roof is assessed. For this diagram, we use the satellite view from Google Maps and the main stand roof of our local Evo-Stik Northern Premier League Premier Division side. Yes, The Mighty Reds at Borough Park.

Then, after assessing your roof space (and the repairs that are needed), it will give you a quote from Roofr affiliated contractors. For each job, Roofr gets a modest cut from the takings, as part of their membership. All contractors are vetted to ensure peace of mind among customers.

Would it work in the UK? We at Cumbria Roofing think so. The joy of getting quotes for roof repairs on your smartphone in no time? Bring it on, we say. It will go a storm on these shores.

Cumbria Roofing, 04 September 2017.

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