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Skillion Roof: Know Your Roof Types

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A look at the skillion roof, often combined with a second lean-to roof

A Skillion Roof in New South Wales, Australia.

A Skillion Roof in New South Wales, Australia. Image by Stephen Gard: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

The skillion roof is a mono-pitched roof which is also known as the pent roof, shed roof, or a lean-to roof. They can be used as an extension of a standard gable or hip roof. Or they could be part of a split level roof. For example, a smaller skillion roof on a single storey extension leaning onto a two storey wall.

A skillion roof would often be seen as part of an extension. Popular uses include lean-to garages, tapering from a two storey gabled roof. They are also seen in use on conservatories; and as part of industrial units. In freestanding form, they are commonly seen as part of football stands, hay stores, and smaller public buildings.

The most popular use of skillion roof is on a potting shed or a garden tools shed. This is why they are also known as shed roofs. In a smaller scale, they are also seen on rabbit hutches, bicycle sheds, and coal bunkers.

Cumbria Roofing, 10 March 2017.

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