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Slate Tile Firm in Running for Supplier of the Year

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Cupa Pizarras, a leading slate tile firm is one of eight finalists in the Construction News awards

Slate Tile Roof. Image by Fullempty (via Shutterstock).

A slate tile roof: probably one of the one in three roofs with Cupa Pizarras tiles. Image by Fullempty (via Shutterstock).

It is said that one in three of the world’s roofing slates come from Cupa Pizarras. Apart from being the world’s leading supplier slate tile for walls and roofing, they are shortlisted by Construction News for the Supplier of the Year awards. This event is a recognition of the construction industry’s innovators. For example: addressing environmental concerns and the best use of technology.

Though slate tile manufacturing is less environmentally intensive than some building materials, Cupa Pizarras aim to go one step ahead of the competition. In the manufacturing process, they use CCTV cameras during the manufacturing process. The preparation of natural slate roofing is a chemical free one with the waste returning to nature. Furthermore, they restore the original landscape by the hydro-seeding of original plants.

If you ever need to replace a slate tile or three, Cupa Pizarras have a tracking system. This avoids having to use mismatched tiles, or picking the wrong size. This and their approach to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes could stand them in good stead alongside the other seven finalists.

The other seven finalists are Alumasc Water Management Solutions, Hargreaves Ductwork, IKO Polymeric, Lateral Design, Polypipe Terrain, Tarmac, and The Keystone Group. The CN Specialists Awards will be held in the Grosvenor House Hotel, London, on the 22 March 2017.

Cumbria Roofing, 13 March 2017.

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