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In Video: How Not to Fit a Roof of Any Description

22nd February 2017 by in category blog tagged as , , , , , with 0 and 1

A compilation of roof installation fails

Roof Fail. Image by FunkyBDG (via Shutterstock).

In extreme cases, here’s how a badly fitted roof can affect your building. Image by FunkyBDG (via Shutterstock).

In the main, we roofers work to the very best of their ability. We have done the apprenticeships, the NVQs, or university degrees. We also have the CSCS cards to prove it. We have started out as labourers and gofers making tea for senior colleagues. From the highest skyscraper roof to the smallest of bungalows, heights are nothing we fear.

In some of these clips, there are some people who shouldn’t have gone near a Lego roof, let alone a Cumbrian slate one. The odd botch up we hear of on daytime TV programmes (usually with Dominic Littlewood or Nick Knowles) does our profession no wonders. This collection of clips could either make you wince or whine. If you fancy a good selection of roofing based horror flicks, this is the post for you.

The Worst Roofing Job in History

Roofrepairspecial has a number of clips to do with roofing disasters and in this one, he is scathing about the carelessness of the shingle work. Especially when you see our commentator pulling a fair chunk of the stuff. At the end of this video, we see how shingle work should have been done.

Tile roofs leak when the felt sub roof fails.

Oh dear. In this pithy clip by Andy Rooofer Jennings, we see how roofs leak when the sub roof leaks.

DIY Roofing Fail

In our third clip by Scott Harvey, we see how easy it is to dismantle this badly fitted roof.

Roof Installation Fail

Tom Munro, CHI’s YouTube channel has a wealth of DIY disasters, from badly fitted roofs to electrical issues. As well as being a shop window for his services, the above clip is forthright yet friendly in stating where the contractors have slipped up.

Cumbria Roofing, 22 February 2017.

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