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Want a Tesla Roof? £14.72 Per Square Foot

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First Tesla roof installations now taking place

This is Elon Musk, he wants you to buy his Tesla roof. Image by Phil Stafford (via Shutterstock).

Meet Elon Musk. He wants you to buy his Tesla roof at a cool £14.72 per square foot. Image by Phil Stafford (via Shutterstock).

The wait is over. If you have been looking for a new roof or solar panels for your home, Elon Musk’s Tesla roof is available for sale. His state of the art solar roof was first announced in October of last year. It aims to change the way power our homes, as well as revolutionising our industry. These will be sold via his subsidiary company, SolarCity.

Whereas solar panels are placed on top of a roof, the Tesla roof aims to replace conventional roof tiles. Therefore, each solar panel resembles regular roof tiles instead of photovoltaic solar panels. At $21.85 per square foot (or £14.72 in Cumbria), its price point is pitched below that of, or within, those for non-solar tiled roofs. This figure is based on a roof covering 3,000 square feet.

If you cannot afford a fully fledged solo roof, there is a compromise. You can also have a Tesla roof without the costly photovoltaic tiles. This could be an option to consider, if you wish to keep your slate roof. So far, there has been a healthy take up of the smooth and textured tiles. Later in the year, this will be joined by Tuscan and slate style solar tiles.

With slate versions of the Tesla roof, could Cumbria Roofing be installing any of Elon Musk’s creations? One never knows, though it depends on how well the take up rate is on our shores. With feed-in tariffs for solar roofs less attractive than in the early part of this decade, this could be a deciding factor. Will the slate Tesla roof fit in alongside Cumberland and Westmorland slate tiles? We shall see.

Cumbria Roofing, 08 August 2017.

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