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How Wintry Conditions Can Damage Your Roof: What to Look Out For

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winter-roof-damage-minWinter season comes and go, but one surety is, they will always be there every year. Unfortunately, the winter conditions can come and leave you with roofing problems. Records show that for every winter, several cases of roof damage occur. The conditions are evidently known to be caused by the ice and snow as well as moisten contents on the roof. These problems will make you strain your budget for unplanned occurrences. Here are the ways damage may occur.

Ice Dam Formation

During winter, snow can form on any surface, including the roof. Any warm condition opens up new unwanted problems on the roofing. Poor ventilation may release hot air outside that will make the ice melt and form the ice dam on the roof edge. Ice easily starts to meet under any warm conditions. The water flowing down will refreeze and form ice along the edge. The water may start leaking inside through below the shingles. The water will find its way through any crack found on the roof. As this continues, small cracks grow into more noticeable holes. Cumbria Roofing can efficiently give you exceptional service that will replace your roof with durable roofing.

Roofing Corrosion and Attic Condensation

The presence of ice on the roofing may cause corrosion of the roof. Leakage of water characterises such corrosions through the roofing. To prevent such corrosions from succeeding, Cumbria Roofing recommends and cautions that it is good to have uncorrodable materials to support roofing such as copper. Additionally, the winter cause ice formation on the pot of the roof, which may influence condensation of air below the roof on the inner side. The condensing involves moisture formation, which can influence corrosion of metals or wood used in construction.

Complete Roof Destruction

The destruction may occur due to a massive snow formation or strong wind effects. Winter is not only characterised by a snowy environment but also strong winds occurrence. It is one of the worst wintry conditions that can damage your roofing. Strong winds at high speeds loosen the shingles quickly. In case these winds come regularly, they end up blowing the whole roof out.

Additionally, Snow may build up to a level where the roofing may not be able to hold it on top. With poor roof drainage setup, the effects may not turn out to be worse than just minor damage. In such scenarios, the roofing may fall into the affected part of in its entirety. However, these cases may occur mostly if the roofing was poorly constructed or weak materials were used. Cumbria Roofing can efficiently repair your damaged roof with durable as well as corrosion resistant materials.

What to Look For

• Check for crack lines and spots of corrosion
• Look for any broken shingles and if none, check if any are missing
• Broken chimney cap
• Look for any blistering shingles
• Check evidence of roof decay such as moss formation, corrosion of wood or other roofing parts

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