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Wythenshawe Hall Restoration Works Begin

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Conlon Construction to begin restoration of the recently fire damaged Wythenshawe Hall

Wythenshawe Hall image by Peter Etchells (via Shutterstock).

Wythenshawe Hall before the fire. Image by Peter Etchells (via Shutterstock).

Over a year ago, one of Greater Manchester’s most historic houses would have been gone forever without the actions of 50 firefighters. Wythenshawe Hall, a 16th century timber-framed house in Wythenshawe Park, was the subject of an arson attack in March 2016. The fire damaged its bell tower, melted some of its windows, and its slate roof.

Now, over a year after the fire, restoration work is set to start this month. Conlon Construction, in cooperation with Buttress Architects, have been given the task of restoring the former manor house. Their works entail the restoration of its bell tower, windows, and the replacement of a temporary roof with a slate roof. The Preston-based construction company, Conlon, have had experience with historic houses: in Greater Manchester, the restoration of Heaton Hall is one example.

The first phase of its construction works entail remedial works to its existing building fabric. Then, its temporary roof will be replaced by a traditional slate roof. As one of the replica windows has melted, artist Debra Lowe has been commissioned to create a replica.

It is expected that exterior restoration works would be completed by the end of this year at its earliest. The interior restoration will follow suit in 2018 and the restoration works are expected to cost £500,000. Once the hall is fully restored, the bell for its bell tower will be reinstated. WiFi will also be added to the historic building.

Since 2010, Wythenshawe Hall has been in the care of a community group, the Friends of Wythenshawe Hall. Prior to then, it was given to Manchester Corporation by the Tatton family in 1929. Before the fire, it attracted visitors from areas well beyond Greater Manchester.

Cumbria Roofing, 05 April 2017.

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