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st michael's church Bootle

Listed Buildings in Bootle, Cumbria

9th April 2018 0 0

Some Grade II Listed Buildings to Discover in Bootle Bootle is an ancient parish recorded in the Domesday book as Bodele, from an old-English word meaning a building. Nowadays, it’s in Cumbria but still boasts twelve Grade II-listed structures of various types.

Famous Historic Carlisle Buildings

29th March 2018 0 0

Carlisle is home to many historical buildings, in fact, 350 are recorded on the National Heritage List for England with 24 listed at Grade 1, a listing which is reserved for buildings of exceptional interest. Join us as we take a look at the most famous of Carlisle’s historic buildings.

What Constitutes a Heritage Building?

21st March 2018 0 0

Heritage building refers to a building with significant historical, architectural, aesthetic or cultural values. For any building to be declared a heritage structure, it must be recognised by building authorities such as the Heritage Estate Conservation Committee or any other building planning authority body. What Factors Make a Building to Be Considered a Heritage? The…

Some Common Roofing Materials Used

13th March 2018 0 0

One of the things you should consider when choosing roofing materials is weather conditions present in a location. Different weather changes will affect your roofing in unique ways and that is why you need to understand the characteristics of some roofing materials to choose those that can withstand the weather you experience in your area.…


How Wintry Conditions Can Damage Your Roof: What to Look Out For

2nd March 2018 0 0

Winter season comes and go, but one surety is, they will always be there every year. Unfortunately, the winter conditions can come and leave you with roofing problems. Records show that for every winter, several cases of roof damage occur. The conditions are evidently known to be caused by the ice and snow as well…

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Roofing Company

28th February 2018 0 0

Having a solid and watertight roof is an essential aspect of every home. For homeowners,…

How Dangerous Is The Job Of A Roofer?

21st February 2018 0 0

For home improvement, some tasks should be reserved for professional roofers who understand safety measures while on the job. Roofing is one of those tasks that require experience and skills to navigate the daunting process of repairing areas on the roof that need attention. Many people are made to believe they can do DIY repairs…

Top 5 Most Expensive Roofing Projects

14th February 2018 0 3

Choosing a new roof can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are finding…

Planning Permissions Guide

A Guide to Planning Permissions For the Roofing Industries

5th February 2018 0 3

Every roofing industry must understand and comply with the roof building standards set by the national building regulatory body as well as the local authorities. The regulations are standards for designing and building. These regulations may differ between different locations. The new constructions or those that involve alteration of roofing are supposed to make an…

Penrith castle

The History of Heritage Buildings in Penrith, Cumbria

4th January 2018 0 6

In Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District, lies the historic town of Penrith. A settlement since Roman times, over the years Penrith has amassed a rich architectural history. From churches and castles to the prehistoric Mayburgh Henge, the market town has a wealth of heritage waiting to be explored. Penrith Castle Constructed 600…


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